Healthy cattle for a healthy living!!

In an endeavor to help the farmers in taking care of the health of their cattle, Hatsun Agro Product Limited manufactures and produces Santosa cattle feed, with an aim to provide the best quality feed. Located in Palani district of Tamil Nadu, Santosa has ultra-modern and state of the art facilities, and produces Cattle Feed as per the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). Santosa cattle feed helps in increase of milk yield and milk quality (FAT & SNF).

For production of quality milk, cattle should be given nutritious foods that includes high nutrients like Proteins, Fat, Energy, Carbohydrates, Fibre, Minerals and Vitamins. These nutrients ensures good digestive action and development of bones. This is especially important for pregnant cows as this protects the health of the calf in the womb and gives them the strength to give birth to 6 to 7 calves. Santosa cattle feed helps in ensuring that the cattle receives these nutrients since they are not present in dry grass, grass and raw leaves.

However, these nutritious foods should be provided in correct dosage/ ratio, along with proteins to give the requisite energy for daily bodily functions as the health of the cattle can be damaged if it is not of correct ratio.

Through Santosa Cattle Feed, Hatsun has successfully ensured a balanced diet for the cattle, filled with natural ingredients and essential nutrients to improve their health, longevity and milk yield with its extensive background in animal nutrition, supported with knowledge and experience of technical experts.

Some of the other advantages of using Santosa feed is that the cattle matures at the right age,their milk produce and it improves immunity which leads to control of mastitis and Aflatoxin. This also helps in easing the digestion for the cattles.